Opposites Attract: Pretty Pink and Biker Black


I’d just like to say that I think my optimism regarding spring in last night’s post WORKED.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, the sun is shining in Wellington. Somewhat weakly, it has to be said. But still, it’s better than rain. Time for my odd but awesome spring colour couple number two…

Pretty Pink teamed with Biker Black.

Made to order, Hidden Room on Etsy, $80.

Skull studded leather biker jacket, topshop.com, £180.

Tie dye denim leggings, topshop.com, £22.

Giselle Wedge, Cotton On, SALE AUD$24.98.

I don’t know why, but I love the mix of naughty and nice. It’s like when Connie Huq married Charlie Brooker (this might be lost on NZ folk, but the comparison is there, honest).

Pastel shades are set to be big again this spring, but there’s no need for NZedders to shed their love of black completely, now. Is there?

Jute wedge slingback, Zara, £59.99.

Try teaming an innocent pink frock with a torn up, studded biker jacket or a pair of chunky boots. The total opposite symbolism in each of these colours is really striking, and (in my opinion) sends out a great message…

Bebe Sydney Salsa Top, theiconic.com.au, $99.95.

Kimbra biker boot, Cotton On, AUD$59.95.

“I’m just a cute, sweet, innocent little cotton candy babe but, if you mess with me, I will FUCK. YOU. UP.”

Nixon Pink Sunnies, theiconic.com.au, $24.95.

Freegrace earrings, Nicole Fendel Jewellery @ theiconic.com.au, $187.

Chrissy L Last Dance bracelet, theiconic.com.au, $89.

Again, click on the wee links to buy.


About Emma

Having lived and loved in the chaotic city of London for the past five years, I've recently relocated to Wellington. It feels small. I've been here a few months already, but I feel like I haven't really given it enough effort. I've been to a few cool places and met some great people, but it's time to actually discover this place. The challenge I've set myself is to discover one new thing about the city each week. Whether it's a bar, restaurant, gallery, store, or anything else, I'm on the hunt for everything this pretty little city has to offer. Ideas and new suggestions are of course welcome (and begged for) along the way. whereinthewelly.wordpress.com

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