Hashigo Zake


I love this bar. It’s awesome.

Hashigo Zake is a cult beer bar on Taranaki Street, Wellington, that has a ridiculous number of beers on offer. Look here… Phew! They rotate what they stock a lot, which is cool because it means there’s always something new to try. One time I had this boysenberry flavour brew, and another time I had one that was supposed to taste like pineapple lumps. I’ve never had a pineapple lump, so I’unno, but I know it tasted good.

Callum and I came here on our first date, and I liked it (and him, apparently) so much that we came back again the following evening. Since then we probably average a trip every couple of weeks, and I always have a great time whether we’re with friends or it’s just the two of us.

My favourite beverage served in Hashigo Zake isn’t actually a beer. It’s Umeshu, which is a sort of Japanese plum wine. It’s amazing. I think it tastes like Christmas. It does taste like Christmas. I can’t really describe how or why that is, so my best advice is to try it for yourself.

I’ve never actually eaten at Hashigo Zake, but I hear they do amazing pies. Mmm, pie.

Anyway, everyone in Wellington should go here. Just don’t sit on the squishy chairs round the corner from the bar. That’s my spot.

Check out their website here.


About Emma

Having lived and loved in the chaotic city of London for the past five years, I've recently relocated to Wellington. It feels small. I've been here a few months already, but I feel like I haven't really given it enough effort. I've been to a few cool places and met some great people, but it's time to actually discover this place. The challenge I've set myself is to discover one new thing about the city each week. Whether it's a bar, restaurant, gallery, store, or anything else, I'm on the hunt for everything this pretty little city has to offer. Ideas and new suggestions are of course welcome (and begged for) along the way. whereinthewelly.wordpress.com

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