Hangover Blues


I’m too hungover to write anything particularly coherent today. Seems like a strange day.

I woke up to the sound of the cat scratching and just lay really still for a while, too scared to move in case vomit happened. It didn’t, thankfully, though it’s still touch and go.

I dreamt about Batman last night (nothing dirty, sadly) and this morning I woke up to find there’s been a shooting during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Denver. Someday, we’re gonna have to do something about this world.

I was going to blog about my Friday night, because I went to a great Italian restaurant and then chugged a disgusting number of insanely coloured drinks at various Wellington bars. However, I’m going to have to save this post until at least tonight because a.) like I said, I am too hungover to write cohently, b.) Callum took the photos on his phone and he’s gone to work already and c.) ‘what I did last night’ seems like a bit of a dumb thing to write about when what at least twelve people did last night was get shot by some random dickwad and die needlessly.

Fuck you, world. I’m going back to bed.


About Emma

Having lived and loved in the chaotic city of London for the past five years, I've recently relocated to Wellington. It feels small. I've been here a few months already, but I feel like I haven't really given it enough effort. I've been to a few cool places and met some great people, but it's time to actually discover this place. The challenge I've set myself is to discover one new thing about the city each week. Whether it's a bar, restaurant, gallery, store, or anything else, I'm on the hunt for everything this pretty little city has to offer. Ideas and new suggestions are of course welcome (and begged for) along the way. whereinthewelly.wordpress.com

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