Attractive Gingers


Yes, here it is. Another ridiculous blog post about nothing in particular.

This week’s post is inspired by my good friend, Tom. Tom and I have been friends since uni days, and we still mantain contact via various social networks.

A couple of days ago, Tom asked me what my next post was going to be about, and I said I didn’t know. I thought about hunting out the pictures of last Friday’s meal, but, to me it seems so long ago now that I just can’t remember many details. Note: It may or may not also have something to do with how stonking drunk I was that night.

So, instead, I’ve decided to write about Gingers. Attractive ones. Inspired by my lovely friend Tom, who is himself in this rare breed. (Along with several of my other friends, actually. Especially Kat, who manages to be Ginger AND German AND hot. I don’t know how she does it.)

I’ve always had a bit of a penchant for our redheaded cousins, even if they don’t have souls.

Here are my top 4 famous ginger hotties. I would list more, but my windows are steaming up.

Hot Ginge #1

Rupert Grint

I love Rupert Grint, and have done even since he was 11. Luckily, at this time in his life, I was also 11, which makes me not a paedophile. Thank you very much. He is glorious. Look at him.


Hot Ginge #2

Christina Hendricks

Woah, Mama. If there’s one thing to say about Hendricks (other than ‘Dat Ass’) it’s that she is one super hot flameheaded temptress. If Emma Stone ever falls out of my favour (God forbid) then I think I might like to be Christina.

I’m not actually a lesbian, regardless of what these posts might suggest.

Hot Ginge #3

Prince Harry

Yep, so, William’s been married off and destroyed the dreams of thousands of women everywhere… no big deal. Hazza is still on the market. Chelsea, Smelsea, is all I have to say about his on-off love interest. Move aside, love.

Oh. Hi there.

Hot Ginge #4

Alyson Hannigan

Yay! She’s ginger, she’s hot AND she’s funny. She gets extra points for the last one. She’s also one half of the ultimate couple-that-dreams-are-made-of: Marshall and Lily in How I met Your Mother. Scrumptious.

Miss you, Tom!


About Emma

Having lived and loved in the chaotic city of London for the past five years, I've recently relocated to Wellington. It feels small. I've been here a few months already, but I feel like I haven't really given it enough effort. I've been to a few cool places and met some great people, but it's time to actually discover this place. The challenge I've set myself is to discover one new thing about the city each week. Whether it's a bar, restaurant, gallery, store, or anything else, I'm on the hunt for everything this pretty little city has to offer. Ideas and new suggestions are of course welcome (and begged for) along the way.

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